Exectute Tests - Performance Testing
Tests: 40 passed
Duration: 37 minutes
Changes: Who: Kacper CheĊ‚stowski <kchelstowski@soldevelo.com>
Why: OBPIH-4447 Allow deactivation of GL Accounts (#3821)
* OBPIH-4447 Allow deactivation of GL Accounts

* OBPIH-4447 Change the validation label

Who: Kacper CheĊ‚stowski <kchelstowski@soldevelo.com>
Why: OBPIH-5336 Add translations of product name (part 2) (#3825)
* OBPIH-5336 Add translations of product name (part 2)

* OBPIH-5336 Add a custom taglib for displaying translated name of product with a tooltip

Who: Alan Nadolny <83239466+alannadolny@users.noreply.github.com>
Why: OBPIH-5317 Export files with product translations (first part) (#3826)
* OBPIH-5317 add product translation to in stock report

* OBPIH-5317 add translations in bin location report

* OBPIH-5317 add producttranslations to few more reports

* OBPIH-5317 add product translations to inventory reports

* OBPIH-5317 change name of transient to translatedNameWithLocalCode

* OBPIH-5317 revert changes in buildStockMovementList

* OBPIH-5317 fixes after review

* OBPIH-5317 small fix after review

Who: Dariusz Rodzewicz <DRodzewicz@gmail.com>
Why: OBPIH-5326 add translations to product names via import (#3824)
* OBPIH-5326 Add ability to import excel file to create product synonyms

* OBPIH-5326 Add ability to download synonym data in excel file

* OBPIH-5326 Download Product Synonym template based on Synonym properties
- remove ProductSynonyms.xls file and replace with exportSynonymTemplate method
- add ability to export Product Synonym template with prefilled Product Code column of current Product

* OBPIH-5326 Import product synonyms from the Synonyms tab on the product edit page
- implements importProductSynonyms constroller method to handle synonym imports
- adds an import Template button on synonym tab of edit product page

* OBPIH-5326 Rollback addSynonymToProduct method changes
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